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ancafe survey (JAN 2005 HEV'N)

Dogs or Cats?
Miku: Dogs
Bou: Cats
Kanon: Cats
Teruki: Cats

Meat or Fish?
Miku: Meat
Bou: Both
Kanon: Meat
Teruki: Both

Sea or Mountain?
Miku: Sea
Bou: Sea
Kanon: Mountains
Teruki: Both

Ramen style: miso, shouyu, tonkotsu or shio?
Miku: Shouyu & tonkotsu
Bou: Shouyu
Kanon: Shio
Teruki: I can't pick one

Outdoors or indoors?
Miku: Indoors
Bou: Outdoors
Kanon: Indoors
Teruki: Outdoors

Rice or bun?
Miku: Rice
Bou: Rice
Kanon: Bun
Teruki: Rice

Bed or futon
Miku: I can't say either
Bou: Futon
Kanon: I like beds but I only own a futon.
Teruki: Either...

Summer, spring, fall or winter?
Miku: Winter
Bou: Summer
Kanon: Winter
Teruki: All of them

Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy?
Miku: Dragon Quest
Bou: Dragon Quest
Kanon: Dragon Quest
Teruki: Dragon Quest

Do you like watching films at home or at a theatre?
Miku: Both
Bou: Theatre
Kanon: Theatre
Teruki: I don't really watch movies, so either...

Do you prefer cooking for yourself or going out for meals?
Miku: Going out
Bou: I can't do either
Kanon: Going out
Teruki: Going out

Skiing or snowboarding?
Miku: Snowboarding
Bou: I don't do either...
Kanon: Skiing... it's the only one I can do.
Teruki: Skiing

Disney Land or Disney Sea?
Miku: Disney Land
Bou: Disney Land
Kanon: Disney Sea
Teruki: Neither

Karaoke or bowling?
Miku: Karaoke
Bou: Both
Kanon: Bowling
Teruki: Neither

Phone calls or e-mail?
Miku: Phone calls
Bou: Phone calls
Kanon: e-mail
Teruki: Both
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