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Be frank!! Question 77 - ZERO [despairsray]

Be frank!! Question 77

1. name / part / birthday / blood type / eyesight / shoe size / birthplace
ZERO / Bass / 7.31 / O type / 0.02 / 25.0 [japanese] / Egypt

2. Favorite type of girl.
A little dirty is just good

3. Disliked type of girl.

4. Favorite idol.
I wonder who? Recently I don't particularly have one.

5. Favorite fashion for a girl.
If it suits her it's ok.

6. What is the model name/ringtone & melody of your cellphone?
vodafone SH801

7. Please inform us of your dream when you were small.
I actually didn't have one until the band formed, but I would write soccer player.

8. What kind of child were you when you were small?
I was bright, unlike now...

9. If you analyze yourself what kind of character are you?
I'm dirty

10. Recently, what kind of thing made you laugh a lot?
I haven't laughed in a little while

11. What's your appearance when you're in your house?
Completely black

12. What is your favorite food?
Grated kelp

13. What is your disliked food?
Fish, shellfish

14. Have you eaten your favorite food recently?
I've had it recently

15. What flavor of ramen do you like?

16. What flavor of potato chips do you like?
Lightly salted flavor

17. Do you like candy or chocolate?
Both if I feel like having either

18. What is your favorite game?

19. Your hero when you were a child
I yearned for one

20. The sports you specialize in
Soccer, swimming, Basketball

21. Which baseball team do you like?
I don't really watch baseball...

22. Which soccer team do you like?
Juventus [Italian soccer team]

23. Karaoke number that is your specialty?
Oh, I'm only moderate...

24. Shampoo & Rinse (treatment) you use?

25. Stress relief method
Travel to delusions

26. If you had a time machine, which point in time would you go to?
Just before mankind evolved

27. Please inform us of the pranks you pulled as a child
I can't say, there's many

28. What kind of things do you/did you collect?
There were a lot of things

29. Recently, what made you very stressed out?
If there isn't much happening I can't get stressed

30. Your favorite thing in your room
PlayStation 2

31. Do you keep a pet? (If you do, what kind do you keep? Please inform us of it's name)
I don't notice the troubles of other people

32. What is your role amongst the members of D'espairsray
Disabled person

33. Please inform us of the strong and weak points of each member.
Because it's so long I'm stopping (it would be 10 or more manuscripts)

34. Favorite movie
I guess Beautiful Mind?

35. Something that worries you recently
There's too much

36. Favorite pictograph [pictograph = emoticon and that kind of thing]
bulls__t [okay, he wrote "unko" but censored the n. I have no idea... XD]

37. Favorite language [actually the question is more like your favorite word, but ZERO's a weirdo]
I like Japanese

38. Soy sauce, sauce or mayonnaise?
The order is mayonnaise→soy sauce→sauce

39. What animal would you liken yourself to?
Well, I wonder what?

40. Subject that's your specialty

41. Do you believe in ghosts?
Not really

42. Do you think aliens exist?
I think that they're absolutely somewhere

43. Would you like to go to space?
If it was verified that it was harmless

44. At what time do you think you're at your coolest?
When I'm wearing make-up

45. At what time do you think you're at your worst?
When I'm sleeping (my sleeping posture is seriously bad)

46. What kind of person was your first love?
Very cheerful girl

47. If it was possible to turn yourself back in time, to what age would you return?
I have an answer, but since I practically live in the now I don't feel it in my heart.

48. What is the highest amount of chocolate you have ever received on Valentine's?
I don't count them

49. Something always in your fridge

50. Recently, the #1 thing you want
The power of a god

51. Cellphone: for e-mails or phone calls?
When I'm exhausted, both

52. Do you use perfume?

53. Longest time you have ever spent on your main phone
I'm uncertain, 10 hours?

54. Do you have a cellphone strap?
I don't have one

55. Morning baths or night baths?
Either because I've been irregular for a long time

56. Is your ability to wake up good?
Depends on the day

57. How much time do you usually spend between when you get up and when you leave the house?
My preparations are slow, so I guess I spend about 2 hours

58. Something you inadvertently buy at the convenience store

59. Your favorite area of your face

60. Your special skill
There is probably something, but I can't think of it right now

61. What do you do when you first arrive home?
I take off my shoes, and take off all that comes off

62. How do you spend the night when you can't sleep?
I guess I drink wine

63. Your appearance when sleeping
Depends on the season

64. Please inform us of a dream you had recently
I don't really have dreams

65. What would you do if you became Prime Minister?
I would probably do various things, but what?

66. A calm place
Corner of my room

67. Bed or futon?
Depends on what I'm using it for

68. Favorite season
I guess autumn

69. Favorite flower

70. The pride of your birthplace
Pyramids are erected there

71. Meat or fish?

72. Rice or bread?
Depends on the time and place. I like both.

73. Disney Land or Disney Sea?
I haven't gone to Disney Sea...

74. Karaoke or bowling?
I really like both

75. Dogs or cats?
I don't like dogs

76. For communication, phone calls or e-mail?
If it's urgent, phone calls, ordinarily it's e-mail.

77. Which convenience store do you prefer?
Anywhere is good

favorite music
" - (don't remember)" by DREAM THEATER
Somehow it was good when I listened to it

" - (don't remember)" by Funeral For Friend? I wonder if that's it?
When I was listening to it, it was good somehow

one day in the life of ZERO

09:00 / Drink sake because I can't sleep
10:00 / ↓
11:00 / ↓
12:00 / In the middle of being fast asleep
13:00 / ↓
14:00 / ↓
15:00 / ↓
16:00 / ↓
17:00 / ↓
18:00 + 19:00 / Wake up because my eyes hurt. Eventually my head hurts so I can't do anything so I think I'll go sleep, but I can't, so I grapple with the pain.
20:00 /
21:00 /
22:00 /
23:00 /
24:00 /
25:00 /
26:00 /

Things in [square brackets] are my own comments/clarifications :x
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