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Air August 2006 - UnsraW enquette

1. Name / Part / Birthday / Bloodtype
Yuuki / Vocal / 8.16 / B type
Rai / Guitar / 6.10 / B type
Tetsu / Guitar / 12.29 / O type
Jun / Bass / 3.12 / A type
Shou / Drum / 6.25 / B type

2. Favourite clothing brand.
Yuuki: I won't tell you.
Rai: Cool ones. Pretty ones.
Tetsu: None in particular
Jun: Tornado Mart / Gucci / NICOLE
Shou: I haven't particularly decided

3. My boom
Yuuki: Boiled water
Rai: None
Tetsu: Ramen
Jun: Collecting perfume
Shou: Ramen

4. CD you listened to recently
Yuuki: There's too many, I dunno
Rai: Various
Tetsu: Various
Jun: 30seconds to mars / COLD PREY

5. Your stress relieving method
Yuuki: Impulsive buying / splurging
Rai: I touch my guitar and forget everything
Tetsu: Sleep
Jun: Shopping
Shou: Ramen

6. What fashion on a girl makes your heart skip?
Yuuki: None in particular.
Rai: Showy. Exposure.
Tetsu: Anything
Jun: I'll leave it to your imagination.
Shou: Whatever suits that girl.

7. A word to the other members
Yuuki: Someone please stop Shou's ramen love.
Rai: Someone please stop Shou's ramen love.
Tetsu: Someone stop Shou's ramen love!
Jun: Careful not to eat too much ramen
Shou: Let's go eat ramen☆
Tags: q&a, unsraw
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